“I would highly recommend anyone with a neurological problem to see Dr Chan. Dr Chan straightaway put myself and my wife at ease. He was meticulous in the history taking and neurological exam, but most importantly Dr is a compassionate doctor.” A.B. 31/8/21

“A kind, caring doctor. Put me so much at ease.” K.T 18/10/20

“Very thorough and pleasant” E.C. 1/10/20

“The doctor put me at ease with his manner and was attentive to my questions” M.S. 7/10/20

“Very attentive, confident and caring, absolutely professional” G.D. 10/10/20

“Following a visit to my GP I was referred to Dr Chan. I very quickly got an appointment with Dr Chan and after taking a few minutes to explain to him what the problem was he very quickly gave me an explanation and diagnosis. It was so nice for someone to eventually know exactly what I was talking about. Dr Chan prescribed some medication which worked almost straight away and I have been nearly symptom free ever since. Fantastic result!!” K.N.

“I would like to provide some feedback on my experience with Doctor Dennis Chan. I first met him in early 2017. I found him a very knowledgeable and pleasant man. It was obvious to me that he is an experienced doctor, in his field. He is an honest man who explained what he had found out, in a straight forward and easy to understand, way. I have now seen him again. this time in November/December 2019 and in my opinion he has not changed at all. My family were also, very impressed with him and his attitude.” D.M. 1/1/2020

“To me it was very important to find an approachable medical person who I could relax with and who would listen to me - I found both in Dr Chan. From my first and subsequent visits, even the smallest concerns I raised were actively listened to and offers of solutions or next steps were given in a manner I could understand.” S.S.

“I sincerely feel Dr Chan really cares about my personal health and feels invested in my wellbeing into the future.” S.S.

“I'm so appreciative of the referral as the consultations eliminated months of added stress and anxieties, therefore I do not hesitate to recommend Dr Chan.” S.S.

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