Yes, as a longstanding consultant with health insurance providers, I have fee-assured status, which means that you will not be required to cover any of the cost of your consultations with me.

Yes, an increasing percentage of patients pay for their own consultations. In such instances, people are responsible for covering all of the costs of their visit, and of any tests arising.

Yes, I can see you without a letter but it is generally preferable for me to have a GP referral letter, since this can contain useful background information about your medical history and medications. But I accept that sometimes people need to be seen at short notice and sometimes cannot arrange to see their GP to get a letter in time. In such instances it would be my practice to direct clinic letters to your GP in any case in order to ensure best medical care.

It is also possible to book appointments online via the Topdoctors website or by calling the telephone booking line on that site. This will give you the option of choosing your preferred hospital, date and time and your request will be sent to Professor Chan’s booking team who will then confirm the appointment with you. it is possible that the exact time may differ slightly, due to clinic scheduling, but if so this will be made clear to you and you will be offered alternative clinic times.

Yes, I have often been asked to see people travelling from overseas, especially those seeking my opinion about memory impairment and dementia.

At present my private clinics are in Hove (West Sussex) and Gatwick (Surrey). I do occasionally see patients at the Spire Lea Hospital in Cambridge.

Due to time constraints, it is difficult for me to visit people at home, but I do accept that transport is an issue for some people wanting to see me (for instance those with dementia) and on rare occasions I have visited them at home or even when they have been a hospital inpatient.

I aim to see people within a week or two.

I am often asked to see people by my consultant colleagues to give a second opinion, especially for people with memory disorders. Sometimes I am asked to see people who remain under another consultant.

Yes, my main area of expertise is in memory disorders and in the diagnosis - or exclusion - of Alzheimer’s disease.

Yes, Professor Chan has been an accredited consultant neurologist since 2006 and have experience managing a wide range of neurological conditions, some of which are listed here.

UK residents are entitled to NHS care, and being seen as a private patient does not affect that. Private practice delivers rapid access to consultants, diagnosis and treatment while the NHS is unmatched in terms of long term care. After initial diagnosis in the private sector, it is not uncommon for care to be transferred to the NHS for long term management.

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